Home office, Atlanta, 1962

Dr. King was a prolific and eloquent wordsmith, very much in touch with his own humanity and that of others. Instead of posting feel good quotes that are out of context, I suggest actually reading his powerful work. It is a life changer.

Five lesser known facts about Dr. King:

  1. He was not a pacifist. He was a savvy strategist who was always integrating new learning into his goals.
  2. His favorite foods included peach cobbler, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, quilly (a fruit concoction with whipped cream named and created by his mother), and pickled eggs.
  3. He suffered from clinical depression and was hospitalized several times as a psychiatric patient. His closest confidants were entrusted with this information which was not made public because of the stigma against mental health issues that could be used by his opponents.
  4. We Desi folks would likely not be here without his efforts and campaigns. He fought for South Asian civil rights for immigration and humane treatment at a time when there was huge anti-South Asian backlash in the country.
  5. He was an anti-poverty crusader who believed in quality of life and a living income for all. His final book ’where do we go from here; chaos or community?’ published in 1967, detailed specific strategies to eliminate poverty.
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