What I Learned

I was recently interviewed for a piece on mental health for VerywellMind about things I have learned from the pandemic. The question was: As both one who is living through this and helping others live through this, what are the lessons that most come to mind for you? Seven things I learned from the Pandemic…

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Covid-19 Crisisstrategies for self-care

The Superhero Meditation

When you’re doing therapeutic work with superheroes, this power meditation is a good way to help superhero clients charge for the day. What I teach: You wake up, and feel yourself in your body. You are a superhero, a protector making the world a better place. Every single day so many responsibilities are in your…

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strategies for self-care

Ancient Foundations of Mental Health

Ancient Foundations of Mental Health: Think about how our ancestors did self care. Movement. Rest. Nourishment. Family. Community. Spirituality. Nature. Self care is already within us.


Loneliness is Dangerous

Loneliness is the new smoking. Meta-analysis of over 300,000 patients found that social isolation poses as high of a mortality risk as chronic smoking. Thanks to the interwebs and the widespread use of social media, we are supposedly more “connected” than ever before. Yet as a nation, we are also more lonely. In fact, a…

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How to help someone having a panic attack

A panic disorder is characterized by recurring panic attacks. These attacks are best described as moments of intense fear. Panic attacks differ from a typical fear response because there’s often no actual threat involved in the immediate vicinity. The body may be saying there’s danger, when in reality there may not be any threat present…

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On Emotion Regulation: Equipoise

Equipoise. It refers to a balance of interests or forces. It doesn’t diminish the importance or impact of the other. These are just a few examples of how you can actively hold and honor opposing emotional experiences with therapeutic effects. Feeling: Loneliness: Video call or meet with someone that you love and care about. Unneeded:…

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anxietystrategies for self-care

Agape and Pet Loss

The New England Journal of Medicine reported in 2017 that after her dog died, a woman experienced “broken heart syndrome”—a condition in which the response to grief is so severe the person exhibits symptoms that mimic a heart attack, including elevated hormone levels that can be 30 times greater than normal. Although grief over the…

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Cumulative grief

Cumulative grief is what happens when you do not have time to process one loss before incurring another. In an ideal world, you would get a chance to metabolize and heal from one loss before you are tasked with facing another.With cumulative losses, painful emotions which come from the initial loss bleed into the experience…

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Generalstrategies for self-care
Embolden Psychology

Embolden offers the ADOS-2, the gold standard assessment for kids on the spectrum.

Combined with psychoeducational testing, it helps provide comprehensive information and recommendations to help children and teens six and up.

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