Q & A with Dr. Hoorie Siddique

Occasionally I’m asked to do Q&As by people interested in psychology as a field and/or the practice I’ve developed with Embolden Psychology. What follows are the questions and answers from a brief interview I did recently with an actor who was researching a role. 1.) What fascinates you about psychology? So many things, but what…

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Relaxation Place

I have anxious clients learn a visual imagery exercise I call the relaxation place. It involves using all of their senses to mindfully recall the details of a place “that you love, that makes your heart peaceful”. What does it smell like Sound like Taste like What are the colors you see and the feelings…

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On Grief and Grieving

Loss is a universal experience. Grieving takes many forms. Many people truly want to help a friend or family member who is experiencing a severe loss. Words often fail us at times like these, leaving us stammering for the right thing to say. Some people are so afraid to say or do the wrong thing,…

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Meet and Greet with North Spring Behavioral Healthcare

We strongly believe in teaming up with community resources and finding the best fit. In keeping with this believe, we recently hosted a meet and greet with North Spring Behavioral Healthcare. North Spring provides multi-faceted services for children and adolescents in Northern Virginia, right outside of DC.  The treatment team includes psychiatrists, registered nurses, therapists, social…

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Conversation on Race, Racism and Mental Health

Honored to be a recent guest on the podcast with Gerald Chambers, Marriage and Family Therapist and host Simma Lieberman. We talked about issues of race and mental health, stigmas attached to getting treatment and why we need mental health for all. Click through to learn more and listen on your favorite podcast app.

Minority Mental Health: Everyday Traumas and Microaggressions

Just a few words about the presentation that I’ll be giving to the Association of Practicing Psychologists (, Montgomery & Prince George’s Counties on November 17th.  The topic is Minority Mental Health: Everyday Traumas and Microaggressions and its being offered as part of their Continuing Education series. APP is a professional organization for practicing psychiatrists,…

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Embolden Psychology Interview Series: Sam Tryon, MS RD

Embolden Psychology is fortunate to collaborate with and learn from incredible professionals who encourage a treatment team approach. The most efficacious treatment for clients requires individuals in different professions to work together with communication, knowledge, respect, and compassion for our patients and consumers. The Embolden Psychology interview series asked Sam Tryon, MS RD, a registered…

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Back to School Strategies

As summer wanes, many students (and parents) feel the excitement, the anticipation, and yes, the nervousness: The First Day of School.  It can be fraught. Small changes  can make a difference. FOR PARENTS: Practice the first day of school routine: Getting into a sleep routine BEFORE the first week of school will aide in easing…

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Embolden Psychology

Embolden offers the ADOS-2, the gold standard assessment for kids on the spectrum.

Combined with psychoeducational testing, it helps provide comprehensive information and recommendations to help children and teens six and up.

Thank you for contacting us.