Five Self-Care Statements

This is not a good time for me to talk; I will call you later. I’ve changed my mind. I don’t think what you said was funny. It was hurtful. I can’t take that on right now. Thank you for the invitation but I’m not available.

strategies for self-care

Mother, as a Verb.

Many people had a parent in childhood and adolescence who couldn’t meet mental, emotional, or physical needs. Perhaps the parent was struggling to do the best they could with the limitations of society and personal circumstances, but fell short. Perhaps they had mental health challenges, medical problems, trauma, financial hardship, personal struggles, and lack of…

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The Emotions of Parenthood

I had a great conversation about The Emotions of Parenthood over on the Zebra Ears podcast.  We talked about mental health, depression, Meghan Markle, and parenting – now available on iTunes and Spotify.  


The psychology of scotch bonnets

I’ve never fully understood people who tell me that they can’t “handle” spicy foods. Sure, like others, more than once I’ve bitten off more than I should have, and enjoyed delicious spiciness all the while with tears pouring down my face. So why do some people hate hot sauce, chili peppers, and other spicy foods…

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9 Myths About Mental Illness

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Let’s start off with some important myth-busting. Myth: Suffering from mental illness is uncommon. Mental illness is probably more common than you think. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than one in five U.S. adults lives with a mental illness. Chances are you know or are…

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Mental Health Month

Deep breathing and anxiety

When you feel a wave of anxiety, these are tools that you can use wherever you are. Your breath is your friend. Acknowledge to yourself that anxiety is occurring. Remember that you’ve dealt with this before, and you made it through. EXHALE a long breath. Yes, exhale. You’re letting it out first. Give yourself a…

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anxietystrategies for self-care

Why some people cannot apologize

To be able to admit that we’ve done something wrong requires a certain level of self-esteem or ego strength. People who are deeply insecure can find it challenging to say I’m sorry in part because a single mistake has the power to obliterate their fragile self-worth. The idea that they could make a mistake and…

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Depression and Parenting

I was recently the speaker on The Zebra School, a parenting podcast, on pregnancy and mental health. Depression, both during pregnancy, and postpartum, are very serious concerns that can affect the entire family. The podcast and blog interview will be officially LIVE May 1, 2021. You can listen to the full interview on iTunes, Spotify,…

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Embolden Psychology

Embolden offers the ADOS-2, the gold standard assessment for kids on the spectrum.

Combined with psychoeducational testing, it helps provide comprehensive information and recommendations to help children and teens six and up.

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