Comfort Animals and Therapy Dogs

Some of my colleagues don’t believe in comfort animals or therapy dogs.

That is BS. My mentor, who has Parkinson’s, would not be alive today if it were not for his dog. His Chesapeake retriever literally pulls him out of bed when he can’t move. 

My Asia is certified to detect somebody who’s going to have a seizure and will nudge them to a sofa. She has kept people from falling down, and kept them safe. Sage, my Doberman, has calmly had countless kid and adult patients with ADHD and anxiety disorders in my office crying and screaming into her fur. She is Buddha with fur.

Never make fun of anyone who has a therapy animal. It can be life or death.

Embolden Psychology

Embolden offers the ADOS-2, the gold standard assessment for kids on the spectrum.

Combined with psychoeducational testing, it helps provide comprehensive information and recommendations to help children and teens six and up.

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