Empathy is a Ferrari

LaFerrari Aperta, 4.7 million dollars. Top speed 218. Early Fall, 2017

Her: I wish I wasn’t so empathic. It hurts so much because I see and feel a resemblance of myself whenever I see anyone in pain. I have to do something about fixing them. And I don’t have a routine that works to control it. I don’t have an off switch.

Me: Think of empathy as a high end Ferrari.
It’s absolutely amazing, has a high cost, requires maintenance and care, and very few people have it. Other people notice it and think it’s beautiful. They want to go for a ride, because experiencing empathy feels wonderful, but they may not fully appreciate it or understand it. Empathy is very sensitive and requires skilled handling.

Treatment goals :
– You don’t have to drive 200 mph, even if you can.
– It is OK to avoid curvy cliff roads.
– Ferrari maintenance and care is crucial. Don’t ignore it.
– Watch the gas gauge, because empty happens.
– A high level of driving skill is required and can be practiced.
– It is not the only car in the garage. Because snow and ice.

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