Holiday feels are OK

Holiday feels are OK

Last 5K, Burke Lake Park, Virginia, Fall 2019
  • Gratitude for technology and social media so we can see our loved ones
  • Sad that the holidays will look different this year
  • Lonely that you don’t have plans
  • Guilty for spending too much time watching social media
  • Angry at people who are not taking the pandemic seriously
  • Jealous of people who live with loved ones
  • Worried for small and local businesses
  • Yearning to be able to hug loved ones
  • Grateful that you don’t have to go to holiday parties or spend a lot of money
  • Scared for loved ones who could get sick
  • Exhausted from all of the video calls you’ve had to do all year
  • Weary of figuring out meals every single day, at home

Feel all the feels.

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