How to keep your mind busy when you’re anxious

How to keep your mind busy when you’re anxious:


Have an empathy buddy. Check in daily for each other.
Binge watch a show that feels engaging, make it a personal choice.
Organize. Make your desk, room, closet, and kitchen a reflection of what you want.
Try an online workout.
Go outside. The majority of us have a vitamin D deficiency. Sunlight helps us, both mentally and physically.
Try a new recipe. The steps of cooking are great for our frontal lobe functioning.
Find the foods that make you feel good. Simple carbs give us a lift and a crash. Complex carbs and proteins keep us going.
Deep clean your home.
Listen to, read, or watch things that make you laugh and feel uplifted.


Plan, create, and consolidate social media and web content.
Revise, edit, refresh your product and service descriptions.
Volunteer your time and talents. What can you offer to your community, from meal delivery to services online?
Simplify and streamline areas of your life that you can automate. Do you need a cleaning service, a driving service, office help, or even daily help for groceries and errands? Saving time adds to peace of mind.
Build or update your website.
Take an online course. Adding a certification or learning something new creates self efficacy and confidence.
Write a cover letter. Even above your résumé, your networking, and your social media, having a specific letter that emphasizes who you are helps others to really see you.

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