Least Helpful Things to Say to Someone With Depression

Sackler Gallery, Washington DC, 2019

Lighten Up!
Why can’t you just act happy. You’ll feel better.
Things are not that bad.
You become what you think.
You do not need to take those pills. You’ll just get addicted to them.
Just chill, bruh.
Just have gratitude.
A hot bath always helps.
Get a job. It will keep you busy.
Smile and the world smiles with you.
Your face looks like you’re upset all the time.
You don’t look depressed.
You have gained weight.
You have lost weight.
You always think about yourself.
Your life is so easy.
You are being selfish.
Everyone goes through depression, it is not a big deal.
You are an attention-seeker.
Everyone goes through a rough patch, so that is normal.
Depression is not a disorder, it’s in your head. 
A person of your age should be having fun right now.
You know, you become what you think.
You brought this on yourself.
Stop acting like a child.
Think about others who are really suffering.
This bad attitude won’t help.
Stop thinking about it.
Just stay busy.
Get a life.
Your face is so sad that it makes me depressed.
You need to give yourself time.
Have you prayed on it?

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