On vulnerability as a superpower

Recently, while recording a west coast podcast, I was asked why I became a psychologist, and in particular, why I stand up strongly for the most vulnerable patients (such as those who cannot afford mental health care).

Personal vulnerability or circumstances bring a choice to look out for oneself or to look out for vulnerable others, because you can see them. It’s the nod of recognition. The most empathic people I know have suffered and can turn that lens to see others’ pain.

It’s a choice and a practice. It is also associated with mental flexibility in the workplace and in social relationships in general. For more about Emotional Intelligence see Emotional Intelligence and Agility in the Workplace.

Embolden Psychology

Embolden offers the ADOS-2, the gold standard assessment for kids on the spectrum.

Combined with psychoeducational testing, it helps provide comprehensive information and recommendations to help children and teens six and up.

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