Put your oxygen mask on first

Photo: Central park, fall, 2018.

Put your oxygen mask on first.
That’s what I always say to my patients.

Be healthy.
Be organized.
Help others.
Be financially stable.
Be independent.
Be cultured.
Be confident.
Be in peace.
Be knowledgeable. What did you learn today?
Be calm. Breathe.
Be centered.
Here’s a challenge for you: For 28 consecutive days, do one thing to take care of yourself. Every single day. It creates new neural pathways. It takes a month of consistency.
Here are a few suggestions to get you started:
Sleep 7-8 eight hours a night.
Wake up 30 minutes earlier than the day before.
Workout 30 minutes a day.
Go to yoga. Or Pilates. Or the gym. Or your home gym.
Go outside. Get some fresh air. Every day.
Eat breakfast.
Meal prep.
Bring lunch to work.
Take a walk.
Hug your companion animal.
Enjoy intimacy, with a partner or self.
Say no to something you don’t want to do.
Say yes to something you haven’t done before.
Get a massage.
Get a facial.
Get a manicure and pedicure.
Get a haircut. Change your hair color if you want.
Clean your room.
Organize a drawer.
Give away possessions that you don’t use
Wash your sheets and blankets.
Clean your refrigerator.
Read 10 pages of a book. Every day.
Read a blog.
Write in your journal.
Find some podcasts, follow them.
Look at beautiful pictures online or in a book.
Study your hero.
See a movie.
Read a poem.
Cook a new recipe.
Sing to your favorite song.

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