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The opposite of uncertainty is not certainty: it is presence

When we feel uncertain or insecure, our brain tries to rescue us by activating our dopamine systems. This dopamine craving encourages us to seek rewards, making temptations more enticing. Avoiding depletion is investing in yourself. It’s making personal deposits consistently to weather hard times.

Presence is:
-What you have in your refrigerator
-How you talk to yourself. Your Inner Warrior is always listening. Avoid disheartening words.
-Who you share your energy with
-What your personal sanctuary looks like, whether it’s a room, dorm, apartment, office, garden, or house
-Your morning routine. How you start, matters
-How you connect to the earth
-What you read
-What you scroll
-What you watch
-How you move your physical being: stretch, walk, run, lift
-Who has access to you
-What you edit
-How you forgive-yourself and others
-What you do before you fall asleep

For more, see Self-Care is Often an Unbeautiful Thing

Things that Make You Go Aaahhh…

Serotonin, the Mood Stabilizer
-Walking in nature
-Spending time at the ocean

Dopamine, the Reward Hormone
-Eating good food
-Engaging in self-care
-Completing tasks and deadlines
-Listening to music
-Intimate activities

Endorphins, the Pain Killer
-Essential oils
-Spicy food

Oxytocin, the Love Hormone
-Petting a companion animal
-Holding a baby
-Receiving a compliment

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