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The psychology of eating chocolate bunnies (A tongue in cheek abstract). Or, ear in cheek.

This retrospective observational analysis hypothesizes that an increase occurs in online reports and images of auricular amputations of confectionary rabbits during the spring, particularly in April. Using the online search engine Google, social media content, anecdotal data, case studies, and visual portrayals of confectionary rabbits, an uptick in auricular amputations from 2018 to 2022 were identified and trended against seasonal variations.

To determine incidence, commercial availability of chocolate rabbits in retail facilities were assayed. A statistically significant increase in mention of rabbit auricular amputations occurred during the spring. Mapping techniques showed the annual peak incidence for the specific years assessed to be near Easter for each year studied. Human adults and children appear to be wholly responsible for the reports of rabbit auricular amputations. Reconstructive techniques are dependent on the percentage of auricular defect.

Validity disclosure: Dr. Siddique, the primary researcher, showed a marked preference for dark solid chocolate. Therefore, milk chocolate and hollow confectionery mammals may have a different statistical significance. Importantly, across all types of randomly assigned chocolate bunnies, 75% of research participants devoured the ears first.

The word Easter comes from a mythical goddess. Eostre was the mother goddess of the Saxons of Northern Europe. She was, according to writings by Grimm (yes, one of those Grimms), the goddess of the growing light of spring. She predicted warmth and abundance to come. Happy Easter.

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