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The Father-Daughter Dance: Okay to Be Me

A healthy father-daughter relationship can be key for developing a girl’s positive self-esteem. If the relationship between father and daughter is strained at an early age, it can make for a lifetime of internal challenges and relationship struggles.

Based on clinical psychology research, the most important question for the father-daughter relationship appears to be: Is it OK to be me?

*When a daughter’s father allows her to be a child, without piling on adult responsibilities, she’s more likely to develop healthy relationships.
*Feeling that her father accepts her as she is, and communicates with her well, appears to lessen a girl’s risk of developing depression.
*Research suggests that paternal closeness, reliability, affection, and permission for autonomy lessen the risk of a girl developing major depression or eating disorders. 
*Women who had a psychiatric disorder were more likely to describe their father relationships as less caring, overprotective, unkind, critical, and punitive.

Stats, see Demidenko, Manion, & Lee: Father-daughter attachment and communication in depressed and non-depressed adolescent girls. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 2015.

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