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Halloween and executive functioning

Trick or treating and the entire Halloween celebration always leaves memorable and precious moments in the hearts of your child, and is an excellent opportunity for parents to get to further know the emotional capabilities of their children. Overall, pretend play is highly recommended for children as it helps the development of their language skills, social and emotional skills, thinking skills, and it also helps in developing their imagination. The ability of a child to pick out their own costume also helps with decision-making skills and overall executive functioning.

What happens when your child is afraid of Halloween?
With all the zombies, monsters, ghouls, and ghosts in cartoons and movies, it’s not unusual to find children who are afraid at Halloween time. As a parent, you have a role in helping your child overcome these fears by looking for ways to emphasizing the fun and not the scary aspects of the celebration.

In order to help your child overcome Halloween fears, you can find a fun alternative to trick or treating. Take note of any signs of anxiety or stress. Don’t try to minimize the fear.

Halloween is also important because kids get an enormous payday. They get candy, which is the universal currency of childhood. Some kids are good at rationing, and they make it last until Thanksgiving. Other kids have been waiting for the late-October Bacchanal all year, and they’re going to finish the whole pile before bed; oral hygiene can take a hike for the evening.

This might be the perfect time to talk to your kids about budgeting, and making the pile last. It might be the time to show them how grownup paychecks work, and “tax” their pile. It might be the time to explain the relationship between labor and income, demonstrating that the more houses they visit, the more candy they earn. They also observe that some givers are more generous than others.

Halloween, a perfect time to practice executive functioning skills.

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