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Fixing vs Helping

* Fixing is knowing what you want to say before you’ve even heard all of the data being given to you. It’s jumping to conclusions.

*Helping is to listen with an open mind. Active listening means you take in all the information.

*Fixing is thinking that you know better than others. It’s offering advice from a place of superiority.

*Helping means that you don’t know what the person is truly going through or what is best for them, and the only way to find out is to listen hard and often.

*Fixing is giving specific advice, solutions, and tips that you weren’t asked for.

*Helping means suspending judgment and action, because you don’t know what that person is experiencing or what they need in the moment.

*Fixing is seeking out the person to tell them what they need to do to make things better.

*Helping is asking for consent before addressing the problem or offering advice (“Is this a good time to talk?” “ How can I be of help? “).

* Fixing is about reducing your own discomfort about someone’s distress. You have to make it better because it is stressing you out.

* Helping means being able to sit with somebody else’s pain, and thereby showing them that they are not alone.

Embolden Psychology

Embolden offers the ADOS-2, the gold standard assessment for kids on the spectrum.

Combined with psychoeducational testing, it helps provide comprehensive information and recommendations to help children and teens six and up.

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