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Jordan’s law and traumatic brain injury

A year and a half ago, one of my dear mentors, Neuropsychologist Dr. Jim Lewis, helped implement Jordan’s Law, to help protect young children who have suffered severe head injuries through abuse.

Jordan’s case still haunts medical and mental health professionals. Jordan was just two years old when investigators say his mother threw him into a wall causing him to have seizures. When he died later, investigators say his body was left in a wooded area and his parents came up with an elaborate story to cover up what really happened.

Jordan’s death highlighted major break downs in communication and data between law enforcement and mental health/child protection workers and posed questions about how his mother was able to regain custody of her son after earlier abuse allegations. Jordan’s death lead Florida to become the first state in the nation to mandate brain injury trauma training for all child welfare workers and mental health professionals working with young children (ages 1-6). Since Jordan’s Law took effect, a dozen other states have reached out to Dr. Lewis to help set up similar laws to protect children.

Dr. Jim Lewis headed the free training courses for professionals. Before the legislation was put forth, I frequently sat in court with him in Maryland and Washington DC for kids who had been shaken and had suffered brain injuries as a result, voiceless victims often injured for life.

Dr. Lewis told me the neuropsychology trainings are often eye-opening. Social service, medical, law enforcement, and mental health workers are astonished when they hear how frequently brain injuries can occur from shaking a child, shoving a child, or even pushing them. Even without lethal force, the vulnerable brain can lead to injuries resulting in learning disabilities, attention problems, and a host of medical issues. Without physical evidence of harm, these symptoms often go undetected.

For more info on brain trauma: Brain Trauma and Psychological Functioning.

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