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Eight ways to show yourself love and nurturance 

  • Buy a new, beautiful journal and pens that you love; use them. (I like Pilot Frixion erasable pens).
  • Schedule a mental health day every other week. That means no commitments, work, family, or social- only time to rest and rejuvenate. The key is putting it on your calendar, not squeezing it in if you have time. Put a big M on your calendar Me time/mental health/mindfulness).
  • Plan a spa day, at home or salon. Pick three services you love.
  • Sign up for an online class or seminar you’ve been wanting to take.
  • Put together the ultimate sleep kit: your favorite essential oil, soft blanket, perfect pillow, sleep mask, noise blocker, hand and body lotion, stuffed animal or other cherished comfort object, mug, soothing beverage, nightlight or lamp with dimmer switch, pajamas or robe, and soothing book/audiobook/podcast. Bedtime rituals are not just for function, they can promote relaxation and self love.
  • Buy yourself a small luxury: a piece of art, a great book, jewelry, your favorite perfume, a decadent candle. Send yourself gorgeous flowers.
  • Take time away. Rent a tiny cabin, go to the ocean, your favorite resort, housesit for a friend, reserve a hotel room for the night or weekend. Giving yourself space away from your usual routines can be very loving.
  • Put together a music playlist that makes you feel incredible. Give it an empowering name. Play it when you feel lonely. You are here, with you.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, from you.

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