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SEVEN DAYS: A mental health challenge

DAY 1. Each day, clean up online. Block, unsubscribe, delete.

DAY 2. Each day, practice your morning and night time routine. Also see, The Morning Routine Checklist for Anxiety.

DAY 3. Each day, pick a mantra or affirmation to repeat throughout the day.  Say it loudly into the air. Write it on a post-it or card. Put it in your Reminders. Email or text it to yourself. Mine is: No One To Be.

DAY 4. Have a date night with yourself. Cook your favorite, or order a scrumptious meal. Put on your favorite music. Use your favorite bath oil or lotion. Watch your favorite show.Cuddle under your softest blanket.  Check out How to Self-Hug.

DAY 5. Each day, pick one of these:  Meditate/Pray/Yoga/Breathwork.
See Deep Breathing and Anxiety for more info.

DAY 6. Each day, go outside and engage your senses. Pretend you are an explorer on an expedition. Mentally record: what do you see, what does the air and sun feel like on your skin, what are the scents, what do you hear?
See The Sun and Mental Health.

DAY 7. Each day, spend 15 minutes writing. Don’t get discouraged if your first attempt at writing is not to your satisfaction. It’s the action, not the product. As a gifted writer told me, write about both the what and the why. It trains your brain to think about both.  Also see: The Psychology Behind Journaling and: The Way is Through, Not Around.

Neuropsychology research shows that new neural pathways start to form by practicing an activity or exercise for at least a minimum of 21 to 28 days.

Try it, 7×4.

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