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Mindful Choices

A good Friday and weekend to everyone as we round out Janvier. It has been an interesting month that feels longer already, for many. You might be amazed, or maybe not, at so many people who are actually in distress, even while looking just ‘fine’ on interwebs. We are really not inclined to tell people that we are vulnerable. Yet. That’s my professional and personal goal and bias, the big yet.

Whether you follow the Gregorian, Corinthian, Islamic, Persian, or the Lunar calendar: It’s been a weird twilight zone.

I often field mental health, clinical psychology, and neuropsychology questions through my various websites.

I’m asked every year why I don’t write psychologically about New Year’s resolution and goals. I’m a big believer in personal agency, and I think people can start whatever they need to do, now. And now. And now. Dates are random. I have seen incredible deeds start at 10:30 AM on a Friday.  Absolutely no association with anything esoteric.

If there’s one small intention I would mention that is doable by all is to make mindful choices, about things that seem not a biggie. The practice of mindfulness is so small and so powerful. People ask me what it means. It’s not a fancy ‘Om’ in an exclusive enclave of yogis and meditators. It’s basically looking around, observing habitually, and making small choices on a daily basis based on what you see. It is the ultimate change mechanism.

Many of us have friends and loved ones who are not doing so great. I’ve been on both sides in my life. People don’t always tell you they need support.  I guess before we go out for that $150 mimosa Sunday brunch, it might be helpful to go to a local delicious taco family owned business and help a friend who might need support with the other $120.

I completely own this bias.  If you know me, IRL, I am far from averse from pleasure. However, it’s possible to have a great time and also help somebody at the same time. Our Frontal Lobes are pretty phenomenal.  But you all asked.  Big love. I’m not shy, but I’m always open to learning. Sorry for the delayed response. A great weekend and February to all.❤️

Embolden Psychology

Embolden offers the ADOS-2, the gold standard assessment for kids on the spectrum.

Combined with psychoeducational testing, it helps provide comprehensive information and recommendations to help children and teens six and up.

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