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Mental Health and Pregnancy

Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex, revealed that her mental health suffered significantly while she was pregnant with her son, Archie. Her internal and external environments were both highly stressful. Recently, I was interviewed for a podcast regarding mental health during pregnancy. There are several types of mental health conditions that can occur in pregnancy. The most common of these are anxiety and depression. In addition, pre-existing conditions, such as bipolar disorder, can re-emerge or become more prominent during pregnancy.

Postpartum depression is familiar to many people, but less known is the fact that women can become significantly depressed during pregnancy itself. Hormonal changes, stress, societal pressures regarding mothering, and anxiety about impending birth and parenthood can lead to a significant level of depression during the prenatal period. Up to 10% of women experience clinical levels of depression during pregnancy. Warning signs include feeling numb, feeling sad, loss of confidence, irritability, anger, sleep disturbance, eating problems, feeling isolated or that nobody understands you, difficulty coping and getting through the day, poor attention and concentration, lack of energy, and lack of interest in activities. It is important to get help because this depression may go on past the pregnancy.

Embolden Psychology

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