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The Superhero Meditation

Art: courtesy of the fabulous Nicole Heere

When you’re doing therapeutic work with superheroes, this power meditation is a good way to help superhero clients charge for the day.

What I teach:
You wake up, and feel yourself in your body. You are a superhero, a protector making the world a better place. Every single day so many responsibilities are in your hands. Do you feel the weight of these duties? You also feel the roiling energy within. It’s already in you.

Close your eyes and find stillness in your body. Take a breath, slowly. Feel the energy that’s inside. Allow your body to vibrate with this energy, this strength, your personal charge.

Breathe in energy. Feel it recharging and swirling in your body. Exhale slowly. Breathe in energy. Savor it in your bloodstream. It might feel warm and peaceful. It might also feel like a tsunami that’s building or lava under the earth. Exhale slowly.

Feel the power that you innately possess swirling through your body, arms, legs, torso. It fills your head. Breathe in your power, breathe in your strength, breathe in your capacity.
Breathe in energy. Exhale slowly. You are a superhero ready to face everything. When you are ready, open your eyes.

Also see The Psychology of Superheroes, a tribute to Chadwick Boseman.

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